10 Thursday AM Reads

Less than a month to go. Fight thru with frequent showers, and our morning train reads:

• Looking Back at the End of a Secular Bear Market (Irrelevant Investor)
• Elon Musk’s Wild Ride: Biographer Ashlee Vance examines the troubles at Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. (Bloomberg)
• Financial Literacy Is Still Abysmal Everywhere (Real Time Economics)
• How airline executives and Democratic power players have made flying even more miserable (ProPublica) see also How to Turn a Mile-High Torture Chamber Into a Comfy Cabin: what designers are doing to make life in the air more tolerable (Bloomberg)
• Planet in star system nearest our Sun ‘may have oceans’ (Raw Story) see also Weird binary system spotted with three rings around two stars (New Scientist)

What are you reading?

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