10 Thursday AM Reads

Its the morning after the day before. Clear your head with our morning train reads:

• Hillary Clinton’s campaign was crippled by voters who stayed home (Washington Post) see also Trump needed a huge drop in turnout to win and that’s exactly what happened. (New Republic)
• The Week When Advice Mattered (Reformed Broker)
• One in every five Americans is about to get legally high AF after this election (Quartz) see also Weed is the real winner of the 2016 election (Daily Dot)
• Trump Was Not a Media Fail: The press succeeded in exposing Trump for what he was. Voters just decided they didn’t care (Politico)
• The greatest threat from a Trump presidency may be his toxic brew of unscientific beliefs (Quartz) but see It’s Going to Be Okay (Wait But Why)

What are you reading?

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