Is the Bond Bull Market Over?

We have been hearing the Bond Bull Market ois over for years. David Rosenberg gives us a roundup of someof the prior forecasts of the end of the 30+ year bond bull market.




In addition to the Trump rally, all I hear is how the secular bull market in Treasuries is over. It reminds me of the Merrill report back in 2010 dubbed “The Great Rotation”.

Below we list some of the past cries from the crowd of how the 30-year bull market in bonds is over. ‎Sometimes it doesn’t even take very much, either. Obama with “hope and change”. The Fed with alleged endless inflationary rounds of QE. Then the “taper tantrum”.

Of course now, the masses believe that Donald Trump can do what no central banker has been able to do.

Quite often, it is just the price action alone — like a 100+ basis point spike in 10-year Treasury note yields.

See below; my friends, we have seen this before:


  • Bear Market in Bonds Could Trigger Stock Market Melt Up Says Liz Ann Sonders (Chief Strategist at Charles Schwab) — Business Insider
  • The term “Great Rotation” was coined in 2010 by Michael Hartnett (Chief Global Equity Strategist of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research) in his monthly note


  • U.S. Bonds Risk 1994 Bear Market Repeat, Goldman’s O’Neill — Bloomberg
  • Bill Gross: Bond Investors are Frogs that Are Being Boiled Alive — Business Insider
  • Gross was right: The bond bubble will burst — MarketWatch
  • 10 Ways for Investors to Get Rich on the Great Rotation — Business Insider/ Merrill Lynch


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  • The End of the 30-year Bond Bull Market? — University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
  • Six ways to Fight the Coming Bear Bond Market — Reuters
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  • Central Banks Risk Bond Market Crash in Turning Monetary Dial to 11 — Telegraph
  • 2013 Could Mark Start of the Great Rotation — Merrill Lynch


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  • How to Navigate a Fixed-Income Bear Market — Forbes
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  • “The Great Rotation”: Why you should buy any shares


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  • Bond Bears Return on Hopes of Greece Deal — CNBC
  • Is the Air Coming Out of the Bond Market Bubble — The Fiscal Times
  • This time the ‘Great Rotation’ May be a Thing — CNBC



David Rosenberg

Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.

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