10 New Year’s Day (Sunday) Reads

Start off your New Year’s right with our easy like Sunday morning reads:

• Fuck Work: Economists believe in full employment. Americans think that work builds character. But what if jobs aren’t working anymore? (Aeon)
• Brown: In 2016 I Learned That…    (Reformed Broker)
• Going With My Gut Was Not a Winning Strategy in 2016 (Barron’s)
• Why Good Storytellers Are Happier in Life and in Love (Wall Street Journal)
• How An S Corporation Can Reduce FICA Self-Employment Taxes (Kitces)
• PolitiFact’s 2016 Lie of the Year: Fake news (PolitiFact)
• Memo to the media: Stop giving Trump the headlines he wants (Washington Post) see also Winter is coming: prospects for the American press under Trump (PressThink)
• A reflection on Barack Obama’s presidency (The Economist)
• The Recode guide to 2017 (Recode)
• Drunken Monkeys and the Evolution of Boozing (Bloomberg View)

What’s a decent cure for a hangover…?


When, Not If, Dow Will Hit 100,000

Source: Marketwatch


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