A Survivor’s Bataan Death March

Nearly 100, WWII veteran Ben Skardon marches on
Veteran Ben Skardon survived the Bataan Death March that killed thousands of American and Filipino soldiers during WWII. Now, at nearly 100, he’s still marching — to pay tribute
A Survivor’s March

May 28, 2017, Source: 60 Minutes



How did Col. Ben Skardon survive beriberi and malaria in a POW camp? Two fellow Americans saved his life, and Skardon honors them by leading the charge every year in the Bataan Memorial Death March

A WWII soldier remembers fellow POWs who didn’t survive


75 years ago, Col. Ben Skardon survived the Bataan Death March of World War II. He remembers coming home this way: “It was like all the dreams come true”

After Bataan Death March, a soldier’s homecoming


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