FT 300: Top Registered Investment Advisers

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We are honored to announce that our firm, Ritholtz Wealth Management, has been named to the FT 300 list for 2017. This is a ranking of the top 300 registered investment advisers in the United States according to a comprehensive set of metrics developed by the Financial Times. The list is merit-based, and selects only the best in firms in each state according to that methodology.

For a young firm like ours (we are not quite 4 years old) it is an honor to be included. I am blessed to work with some great partners in Josh, Michael, and Kris; we have a wonderful staff, and a great group of professional advisors, CFAs and CFPs. What we do is the result of a team effort — RWM is a true ensemble practice.

Our goal is to continue delivering the finest services we can to our clients around the nation. We are fortunate to have an engaged, thoughtful and fascinating group of people as clients. We try to live up to the high standards and expectations you hold for us every day.

We are grateful to be included. See you there tonight for a drink . . .



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