Reminder: Competency, Character Matter

The human capacity to rationalize things is astounding.

I was never a fan of Hillary Clinton — wife of a President in a odd marriage, not sure she earned it on her own, too much nonsense over the years. Not that I bought into all of the scandals — many were obviously Fox News manufactured. However, she was the one who referenced the “vast right wing conspiracy” but even that points to her not being savvier about it.  She is not a natural politician, not smooth or anything like Slick Willie.

There were many reasons not to like her.

However, she is competent. She is sane. She certainly is fit to be POTUS. All the various reasons I don’t especially like her were not sufficient reasons to vote for the other guy.

Many of his views I found abhorrent. And while I supported some of his policies — overseas profit repatriation; infrastructure build out, corporate tax reform, streamline regulations — I couldn’t imagine that even with a majority in both houses he was competent enough to get these issues passed (Nor was I enthusiastic that his version would be what I would want to see). There were repeated signs that his lack of character, problems with the truth, the lack of intellectual curiousness, and the sheer laziness were problematic.

I continue to be shocked how people turn a blind eye towards these failures.

New Yorkers knew about the many grifts of the Donald — not paying contractors, litigations, behavior towards women and minorities. But he managed to use social media brilliantly, and the MSM gave him billions in free media coverage, allowing him to squeek through the electoral college to become POTUS.

It has been 7 months of self-inflicted wounds. Now he appears to have finally jumped the shark. He may even be a lame duck.

He has astonished us with his ability to recover from what for other ordinary politicians would have been fatal career killers.

We shall soon see . . .




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