10 Friday AM Reads

My end of week, morning train reads:

• Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year (National Geographic)
• Market Myths Hurt Investors (Bloomberg View)
• I helped create the GOP tax myth. Trump is wrong: Tax cuts don’t equal growth. (Washington Postsee also The Tenuous Logic Behind Republicans’ About-Face on Debt (Wall Street Journal)
• The effects of a single terrorist nuclear bomb (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)
• 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest (The Atlantic)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ranji Nagaswami, chief executive officer of Hirtle Callaghan, a firm that helped popularize the idea of the outsourced CIO. Previously, she was chief investment officer of Alliance Bernstein Investments.

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