10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning train reads:

• Why the West Is Burning: There are 137 large wildfires raging across 7.8 million acres in what might be the worst fire season ever  (Outside)
• Charts & Thoughts at All-Time Highs (Irrelevant Investor)
• ‘Friends of the Court’ Have Hidden Ties to Big Investors (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street titans grow wary of ageing rally in US stocks (Financial Times)
• Bonds and Balls: How Debt Trading Saw Me Through the U.S. Open Our fixed-income reporter had fun at the ballperson tryouts —and a chance to reflect on the parallels between tennis and credit. (Bloomberg)
• Ignorance Feeds Curiosity. Curiosity Cures Ignorance. (Bloomberg View)
• You Won’t Like Mexico When It’s Angry (Politico)
• The voting commission is a fraud itself. Shut it down. (Washington Post)
• There’s Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley (Buzzfeed)
• What the Rich Won’t Tell You (New York Times)

What are you reading?


More Millennial households are in poverty than households headed by any other generation

Source: Pew Research




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