Michael Barbaro on The Daily’s Rich Explanatory Journalism


For many decades, people read the New York Times because they wanted an authoritative, definitive take of the news that was “fit to print.” But what people want is changing, so the NYT is changing too, as reflected in its hit podcast “The Daily.”

“Your relationship with the New York Times was, for the most part, predicated on tablets being handed down to you every morning,” said the host of “The Daily,” Michael Barbaro, on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka. “All of our relationships with journalism are changing. The idea of omniscience itself is kind of held in doubt, and it may not have ever really existed, it was more of a conceit.”

As listeners of the eight-month-old show know well, “The Daily” encourages New York Times journalists to talk like actual human beings, who sometimes don’t have answers for every question they’re asked.

“Oftentimes, they have figured something out,” Barbaro said. “But sometimes they’re in the middle of figuring it out … Journalists can say what they know and say what they don’t know, and talk very openly about their process. It creates a lot of transparency that people really crave right now.”

Here is the full audio:

Michael Barbaro explains why you love the New York Times’ podcast, ‘The Daily’

Source: Recode

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