Not Just the Rich and Famous

I had no idea the worst offenders when it came to sexual harassment was the Food Service industry and Retail:

“The actual data tell a different story about sexual harassment claims—in which they occur on a daily basis and across all industries. The vast majority of these claims occur out of the glare of the spotlight, where public scrutiny and attention is rare. Many women grapple with gender biases and power imbalances within their workplaces, making them targets for harassment or other forms of discrimination. Women of color, in particular, often must confront the combined impact of racial, ethnic, and gender prejudice that can result in degrading stereotypes about their sexual mores or availability and increase their risk of being harassed. Furthermore, women—particularly women of color—are more likely to work lower-wage jobs, where power imbalances are often more pronounced and where fears of reprisals or losing their jobs can deter victims from coming forward.”

The table is telling:

Source: Center for American Progress


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