What’s the best company to work for in your country?

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Source: How Much


The map above was assembled by How Much via a Forbes ranking of the best companies in the world — their first (and hopefully annual) Global 2000 list of the World’s Best Employers and .

Forbes assembled the list by looking at things like salaries, perks and benefits, quality of food served, parental leave policies, on the job napping, all manner of metrics were worked into the ranking.  Companies in the top 10 received above average results for basically all criteria, but were evaluated in an outstanding way especially for the criteria of “trustworthiness/honesty” and “performance of the product/service.”



1. United States – Alphabet (Google): Computer Services – $579.5B and 72,053 employees

2. Switzerland – Nestle: Food Processing – $229.5B and 328,000 employees

3. Netherlands – Unilever: Household/Personal Care – $143.9B and 169,000 employees

4. Germany – Daimler: Auto & Truck Manufacturers – $76.1B and 282,488 employees

5. Hong Kong – CNOOC: Oil & Gas Operations – $54.8B and 19,718 employees

6. Taiwan – Hon Hai Precision: Electronics – $54.4B and 1,000,000 employees

7. Canada – Suncor Energy: Oil & Gas Operations – $51.7B and 12,837 employees

8. India – ITC: Tobacco – $51.6B and 25,564 employees

9. Italy – Enel: Electric Utilities – $47.5B and 62,080 employees

10. Australia – CSL: Biotechs – $43.9B and 16,000 employees

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