10 Wednesday AM Reads

My waiting for the Nor’easter morning train working from home reads:

• “This Is a Slow Roll”: Silicon Valley Insiders Think That Facebook Will Never Be the Same After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal (Vanity Fair)
• Top European CEOs on What Keeps Them Up at Night: innovation, Brexit, and the biggest challenges facing their industries.(Institutional Investor)
• Lies, Damned Lies, and Stories (Of Dollars And Data)
• Fine-Tune Your B.S. Detector: You’ll Need It. In the digital age, misinformation—from nonsense to lies—spreads faster than ever and is becoming an area of serious research (Wall Street Journal)
• Judd Apatow Puts Garry Shandling Under the Microscope (New York Times)

What are you reading?

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