10 Friday AM Reads

Happy 420 day! Spark up our morning train reads:

• Palantir Knows Everything About You (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• Getting Smart On ETFs (ETF.com)
• How North Korea’s Hackers Became Dangerously Good: The nation’s fingerprints have appeared recently in surprisingly sophisticated attacks (Wall Street Journal)
• What If Tesla’s Time Is Running Out? (Bloomberg Businessweek) see also Tesla May Be the Most Hated (and Loved) Stock in America (Bloomberg)
• How the ‘Caddyshack’ Revolution Upended Hollywood:  A Cinderella story about the moment when improvisational comedy took on the staid, stuffy moviemaking business (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Asset Management. Greenblatt previously ran Gotham Capital, which generated returns of 50% per year (before fees) for 10 years before he returned capital back to investors. He is the author of numerous books, most recently, The Big Secret for the Small Investor: A New Route to Long-Term Investment.

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