How China Is Buying Its Way Into Europe

Source: Bloomberg


While the United States is withdrawing from international treaties and erecting trade barriers, China is aggressively to engage trading partners. Over the past 10 years, China has invested in, or outright purchased, assets amounting to $318 billion in Europe:

“For more than a decade, Chinese political and corporate leaders have been scouring the globe with seemingly bottomless wallets in hand. From Asia to Africa, the U.S. and Latin America, the results are hard to ignore as China has asserted itself as an emerging world power. Less well known is China’s diffuse but expanding footprint in Europe . . . The continent saw roughly 45 percent more China-related activity than the U.S. during this period, in dollar terms, according to available data.

The volume and nature of some of these investments, from critical infrastructure in eastern and southern Europe to high-tech companies in the west, have raised a red flag at the European Union level.

The Trump trade policy will have significant ramifications for the U.S. economy — and the odds are against this being a positive.

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