10 Independence Day Reads

My July 4th reads:

• Trade Fight Threatens Farm Belt Businesses (Wall Street Journal)
• Death on foot: America’s love of SUVs is killing pedestrians (Freep)
• 35 Innovators Under 35 (MIT Technology Review)
• ‘A way of monetizing poor people’: How private equity firms make money offering loans to cash-strapped Americans (Washington Post)
• How to exit the eurozone (Politico)
• Tech Workers Versus the Pentagon (Jacobin)
• The theory: legal abortion is preventing would-be criminals from being born (Vox)
• Former ICE lawyer switches sides: I want to protect immigrant children, not prosecute them (USA Today)
• NASA is about to launch astronauts into space again – and a massive business for big companies (Washington Post)
• The 10 best beers chosen by beer enthusiasts across America (Business Insider)

Be sure to check out our special Bonus Masters in Business interview for July 4th with Lawrence Juber, guitarist for Paul McCartney and Wings (at Bloomberg, iTunes, Stitcher and Overcast)


Countries Best Able to Feed Its People

Source: Bloomberg


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