Senate Races Move Right, House Races Move Left

Interesting set of graphics via the Washington Post:

“The nomination fight over Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh has injected new volatility into the midterm elections, reshaping races across the country and sharpening the already bitterly partisan tone for the final four-week stretch before Nov. 6.

Much uncertainty remains — not least because of the rapid-fire succession of evolving crises that have marked President Trump’s term in office — but for now the weeks-long Kavanaugh saga appears to be pushing House races toward Democrats, even as it has given Republicans better odds of maintaining control of the Senate.”

I have no expertise in this space, and I tend to defer to those who do AND have a respectable track record.

Still, I tend to think of society in moving in long secular waves, and counter-waves. 2008 was a wave in one direction 2016 (and 2010) was a counter-rally.

Will 2018 be a counter-counter-rally? Stay tuned . . .


Source: Washington Post


Source: Washington Post

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