10 Sunday Morning Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• Netflix Is the Most Intoxicating Portal to Planet Earth (New York Times)
• The Ethical Dilemma Facing Silicon Valley’s Next Generation (The Ringer)
• The Cognitive Aristocracy (Of Dollars And Data) see also Amazon Alexa and the Search for the One Perfect Answer (Wired)
• The curse of the Twitter reply guy (Mashable)
• Gauging Market Responses to Monetary Policy Communication (St. Louis Fed)
• Death, grief, and designer sunglasses on an EDM cruise to nowhere (Fader)
• Behind the Scenes, Health Insurers Use Cash and Gifts to Sway Which Benefits Employers Choose (ProPublica)
• YouTube Unleashed a Conspiracy Theory Boom. Can It Be Contained? (New York Times)
• Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around? (The American Conservative)
• Which top Oscar contender had the best movie poster? (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Neil Dwane, portfolio manager, and the Global Strategist with Allianz Global Investors, which manages about $591 billion dollars.


Housing Isn’t Driving the Economy This Time Around

Source: New York Times


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