10 Friday AM Reads

My end of week Pre-NFP morning beach reads:

• The biggest political scandal inAmerican history (Axios)
• Element Capital’s Jeffrey Talpins is the hottest hedge fund manager on the planet. (Forbes)
• The Servant Economy: Ten years after Uber inaugurated a new era for Silicon Valley, we checked back in on 105 on-demand businesses. (The Atlantic) see also The Sharing Economy Was Always a Scam (Medium)
• Why is the far right obsessed with gold? (New Statesman)
• It’s time — high time — to take Fox News’s destructive role in America seriously (Washington Post) see also America’s Fox News Problem (The Big Picture)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with John Chisholm, Co-Chief Executive Officer and co-Chief Investment Officer of Acadian Asset Management, a quantitative global equity manager managing $86 billion dollars.

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