10 Monday AM Reads

My Texas morning train reads:

• Stock Picks From Space:  Investors using real-time satellite images to predict retailers’ sales. (Is this cheating?) (The Atlantic)
• Dinner with Charlie: The World According to Mr. Munger (Wall Street Journal)
• Inside the Team at Facebook That Dealt with the Christchurch Shooting (New Yorker)
• How Did James Holzhauer Turn ‘Jeopardy!’ Into His Own A.T.M.? We Asked Him (New York Times)
• Don’t panic: Scientists are practicing for a killer asteroid impact (Washington Post) see also The Legacy of Hubble: One image, a quarter MILLION galaxies (Syfy Wire)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ivy Zelman, who in 2007 founded Zelman & Associates LLC, the leading research and investment firm dedicated to the housing market and related sectors. She currently serves as chief executive officer and principal. Prior to that, she served at Crédit Suisse First Boston Inc. and Salomon Brothers Inc.

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