10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Finland is winning the war on fake news. Other nations want the blueprint (CNN) but see A cognitive scientist explains why humans are so susceptible to fake news and misinformation (Nieman Lab)
• The new kilogram debuts today. It’s a massive achievement. (Vox)
• Tech Superstars Never Went Through Cash Like Today’s Big Burners (Fortune) see also Thanks to Facebook, your cellphone company is watching you more closely than ever (Intercept)
• Where an Entire Day’s Worth of Food Came From (Grub Street)
• Uber, Lyft drivers manipulate fares at Reagan National causing artificial price surges (WJLA) see also As Thousands of Taxi Drivers Were Trapped in Loans, Top Officials Counted the Money (New York Times)

What are you reading?

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