The Compound Show



In our office, we have been playing around with various formats in different mediums. One of the newer outlets we have tried out is Alexa. We have a lot of the crew putting their talents to work, and we have been pleased with the way this is coming out. Voice driven computing is certainly something that is on the horizon, and it is a space we find pretty intriguing.

I fumbled my way through a sample above, but I really like the medium. Any time I get to hear an author read their own work in their own voice is interesting. There are a few other columns I will play with and see if I can get any better at this  (its harder than it appears).

To check out what we are doing, see both Market Moment or the Compound Show. To listen, you need to enable the Alexa skill via these links. (Click here to add it to your Alexa Flash Briefing:  Then say, “Alexa, What’s My Flash Briefing?”)

You can also check The Compound Show out on iTunes.


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