10 Thursday AM Reads

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My morning train reads:

• Thank God it’s Thursday: the four-day workweek some want to bring to the U.S. (Washington Post)
• This legendary Vanguard fund manager had the right stuff to beat the market (Marketwatch)
• One of the oldest investing theories on Wall Street has yet to confirm this year’s rally is for real (CNBC)
• Booming Demand for CBD Is Making Hemp the Cannabis Cash Crop (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• The Agony of Hope Postponed, by a Value Investor (Wall Street Journal)
• 10 Things You Need To Know About Automation And The Future Of Work (Basis Point)
• The Economic Opportunity Washington Is Missing Right Now, According to Goldman Sachs’ Abby Joseph Cohen (Barron’s)
• FaceApp’s viral success proves we will never take our digital privacy seriously (CNN) but see FaceApp went viral with age-defying photos. Now Democratic leaders are warning campaigns to delete the Russian-created app ‘immediately’ (Washington Post)
• Notre-Dame came far closer to collapsing than people knew. This is how it was saved. (New York Times)
• Meet Jeron Smith, the Man in Charge of Building Stephen Curry’s Media Empire (Sports Illustrated)

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Retail investors panicked even as stocks hit all-time highs

Source: Axios



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