10 Tuesday AM Reads

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My Two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Ten Years, Ten Observations, and Ten Predictions (Sellwood Consulting)
• Retirement Savings: How To Reach $1 Million In Your 401(k) Or IRA (Investor’s Business Daily) see also A Trillion Dollars in 401ks (The Big Picture)
• The Overplayed, Turbohyped, and Underwhelming World of Artificial Intelligence (Institutional Investor)
• It’s Past Time to Train Americans for the New Economy, Goldman’s Abby Joseph Cohen Says (Barron’s) but see Instacart Hounds Workers to Take Jobs That Aren’t Worth It (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• Electric Airplanes Start to Take Off:  Retrofitting existing planes draws interest from startups and big manufacturers, including Airbus (Wall Street Journal)
• How to Have a Good Flight (New York Times) see also Europe’s ‘flight shame’ movement doesn’t stand a chance in the U.S. (Washington Post)
• US mobile speeds are super slow. Here’s what we can do about it. (V0x)
• The 16 Best New Restaurants in America (Eater) see also We’ve just lived through the greatest period of restaurant growth in U.S. history. Here’s why it’s ending. (Washington Post)
• What’s it really like to live in space? 50 astronauts share their stories (Washington Post)
• To my Jewish, Irish, Asian and Italian friends. (Reformed Broker)

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