10 Wednesday AM Reads

My midweek morning train reads:

• Bond-Trading Bots on Verge of Becoming Masters of the Universe (Bloomberg)
• When Will the Party Be Over for Oil? Now the dominant energy source, despite the glamor of renewables, the day it will peak may be in 2050. (CIO)
• How the business of swag became a multibillion-dollar industry (Crain’s News York)
• Why Is the NBA in Xinjiang? The league is running a training center in the middle of one of the world’s worst humanitarian atrocities. (Slate) see also The China Cultural Clash (Stratechery)
• Spotify’s market cap value has fallen by $15B in 14 months. Is declining Average Revenue Per User freaking investors as much as record companies? (Music Business Worldwide)
• House-buyer time machine: ‘We can’t afford to buy a house now. But what could we have got in the past?’ (BBC)
• Opportunity Zones Aren’t a Program—They’re a Market (Fortune)
• The Cognitive Science of Political Thought: Practical Takeaways for Political Discourse (Behavioral Scientist)
• ” ‘She Said’ is the best book about journalism I have ever read. Here are its best lessons for journalists.” (Insider)
• Mexicans are killing each other at record rates. The U.S. provides the guns (Los Angeles Times)

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People Who Work from Home Earn $2,000 More a Year

Source: Bloomberg



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