Coming Next Week: MIB Live with Gene Fama and David Booth




I am excited about our next Masters in Business: Live!  This time, we will be chatting with Nobel Laureate Gene Fama and DFA Founder David Booth.

Here are the sorts of questions I am thinking about:

• What finance was like before Gene Fama’s research?
• How did David Booth recognize Fama’s ideas would impact how people invested?
• What was Wall Street’s reaction to EMH, and the idea as to why it is so hard to beat the market?
• Value has underperformed Growth for the past decade. What sort of lesson should investors take from that?
• Fama’s work was on the periphery of, and relied upon then unknown concepts of behavioral economics . . . What does Gene think about that area?
• Does the nature of how value is measured and processed in the market change over time?
Do interest rates have a bigger impact on the real economy or on asset prices? And how much control does the federal reserve really have on interest rates?
•  “Why am I even reading Wall St research?”
If you have any ideas for questions you’d like asked, hit me at #MIBLive.

If this works out, I may have to start doing these MIB Live! things monthly…



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