10 Christmas Reads

My holiday themed morning reads:

• Santa isn’t the only one tracking you this holiday season. Stores are watching you, too. Your mobile device reveals who you are and what you want, without your consent. (Vox)
• “You’re My Present This Year”: An Oral History of the Folgers Incest Ad (GQ)
• We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously. Little of this made the news, because good news is no news.  (The Spectator)
• A War on Christmas Story: How Fox News built the dumbest part of America’s culture war (Media Matters)
• My semester with the snowflakes~  (Medium)
• Commercializing Christmas has a long and complicated history (Financial Times)
• Extend gratitude beyond platitudes (Tim Harford)
• How to Avoid Amazon This Holiday Season (Truthout)
• Peak Christmas Movie?  We made a list, based on more than a century of movie data, and checked it twice. Here’s what we found. (Washington Post)
• The 20 Best Christmas Albums of All Time (Paste)

What are you reading? Tell me here with #Reads.


How to reform today’s rigged capitalism
Source: Financial Times


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