10 Thursday AM Reads

My “I’m traveling, did I miss anything?” morning train reads:

• Blair DuQuesnay: ‘The Future of Finance Should Be Female’ (ThinkAdvisor)
• Why Porsche is the World’s Most Profitable Mass-Market Luxury Auto Brand. (Worth)
• For Investors, the Past Decade Was a Marvelous Run. But That Tells Only Half the Story (Fortune)
• Having a Home by a Star Architect Is Amazing, Until You Try to Sell It (Bloomberg)
• Markets aren’t 100% efficient? Whatever (Evidence-Based Investor) see also The kinda-eventually-sorta-mostly-almost Efficient Market Theory (The Big Picture)
• Wall Street Magic Tricks Make Banks Look Safer Than They Are. (BusinessWeek)
• Genetic testing is an inexact science with real consequences (Vox)
• The Real Trouble With Silicon Valley: The toxicity of the web is peanuts compared with Big Tech’s failure to remake the physical world. (The Atlantic)
• The CIA’s Former Chief of Disguise Drops Her Mask (Wall Street Journal)
• A Letter From the Far Side’s Gary Larson (The Far Side)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with investor Sarah Cone, founder of Social Impact Capital, a New York based VC firm focusing on “teams doing good with technology.”


There Are Economic Warning Signs for Trump in the Midwest

Source: New York Times


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