10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning policy reads:

• A 1988 Climate Warning Was Mostly Right (Bloomberg)
• Why Porsche and Toyota Are Investing in Flying Cars (Wall Street Journal)
• There’s a World of Dividend Stocks Out There. And They Pay More Than U.S. Companies. (Barron’s)
• How the Fed Chairman Is Shielding It From Trump. Jerome Powell is a pragmatist who is quietly insulating an embattled Federal Reserve (New York Times)
• Sean Hannity is conducting Trump’s Super Bowl interview because Fox’s primary purpose is propaganda (Media Matters)
• Gawker’s nemesis is working on a social network offering access to the rich (MIT Technology Review)
• Disinformation For Hire: How A New Breed Of PR Firms Is Selling Lies Online (Buzzfeed)
• The Conservatives Trying to Ditch Fake News: The Dispatch wants to sell serious, fact-based stories to the right. But do readers want them? (The Atlantic)
• Introducing the AI Index 2019 Report (Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University)
• Patrick Mahomes became the NFL’s best quarterback by refusing to specialize in football (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Chris Davis, Chairman and CEO of Davis Selected Advisors, which has over $25 billion under management. Davis is also on the board of directors of Coca Cola, and is Vice Chairman of the American Museum of Natural History.


China is closing gap with United States on research spending

Source: Nature


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