10 Good Friday Reads

My end of week morning train Shleter in Place reads:

• Obama’s Ebola Czar on What Strong Federal Response Looks Like (Wired)
• Restaurants Fear Going From “Closed” to “Space for Lease” By July (Bloomberg) see also ‘Never Seen Anything Like It’: Cars Line Up for Miles at Food Banks (New York Times)
• The pandemic is playing to almost every one of Amazon’s strengths (CNN)
• America Will Struggle After Coronavirus. These Charts Show Why. (NY Times)
• What Are 3 Ways The Stimulus Package May Change Your Retirement Planning? (A Teachable Moment)
• Your Internet is working. Thank these Cold War-era pioneers who designed it to handle almost anything (Washington Post)
• Russian Trolls Hype Coronavirus and Giuliani Conspiracies (Daily Beast)
• Angry Fans Say Concerts Were Canceled, But No Refunds Were Offered (New York Times)
• Why People Are Confessing Their Crushes Right Now (The Atlantic)
• They Were the Last Couple in Paradise. Now They’re Stranded. They were surrounded by a fleet of staff, who were stranded themselves, trapped in an eternal honeymoon in the Maldives. Their adventure continues. (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with John Mousseau, CEO and Director of Fixed Income Trading at Cumberland Advisors, which manages $3.5B in fixed income products.


How large is the coronavirus macro shock?

Source: BlackRock


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