Detroit to Incheon, South Korea 3X a Week

I have been speaking with a buddy I grew up with — he is now a Captain, piloting for a major airline back and forth between the US and Asia a few times a week. He sent me a few snaps from his travels, a long with some comments, below:


“Hey there. I finally got a moment to catch up. I’m in South Korea. Its 11:30 am sunday, 10:30 pm sat to NYC. It’s been a busy month. All China Flights have been cancelled. We are still flying to ICN from DTW.

First pic is of ICN airport outside baggage claim with the virus testing tents for inbound passenger. All inbound passengers to Korea have their temperature taken. Others are required to get additional screening.”


Immigration line at the ICN airport. Everyone wears a mask, sick or not. They are also very polite and don’t complain while waiting (not like us in USA whining)



Koreans have seen this type of virus before. They handle it better in the sense they don’t run scared. Wear your mask, stay away from the elderly, social distance. (Maybe this explains the bowing at the hip, head nodding instead of shaking hands in all of Asia).



Next picture of check in desk at Sheraton. All employees wearing a mask.



My ride home from DTW to BNA (Nashville). 7 passengers in first class, all commuting airline employees. 8 paying passengers in the back on a Sunday at 11am


Captain Chuck !


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