The Phoenix: Small Business Resource Database



The Phoenix (as in arising from the ashes of destruction) is an online searchable database of relief programs for small businesses and nonprofits. It was put together by the folks at Bernoulli Finance, a business strategy and consulting firm.

Here is what they are thinking:

“We created The Phoenix three weeks ago to help small businesses weather through the COVID-crisis. It stemmed from our realization that, for most of our clients, the very process of searching and comparing business-support programs is a tedious time-suck, especially when operational urgencies accumulate.

We update The Phoenix on a daily basis. As of today, it contains more than 250 entries, including grants, low interest loans, technical support programs, and more.”

I have been clicking though the various resources, and these are all local entities that can assist small firms on a regional basis. The national response is important, but lots of companies are already slipping through those cracks. Being able to research and tap into other sources of credit, loans and grants is potentially very significant to local businesses.

A clearinghouse for assistance on a local basis could end up being a lifesaver for some firms.



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