10 Friday AM Reads

Its May Day! Start the month with our end of week morning train WFH reads:

• We Still Don’t Know How the Coronavirus Is Killing Us (New York Magazine)
• The Federal Reserve Is Changing What It Means to Be a Central Bank (Wall Street Journal)
• The iconic brands that could disappear because of coronavirus (Washington Post)
Housel:  When You Have No Idea What Happens Next (Collaborative Fund)
• Institutional Investors, Asset Recycling, and the US Infrastructure Agenda (CIO)
Barofsky: Why the Small-Business Bailout Went to the Big Guys: The watchdog for the flawed 2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program explains how things went wrong again. (Bloomberg)
• The secret—and surprising—world of rare books (The Economist)
• ‘A Bargain With the Devil’—Bill Comes Due for Overextended Airbnb Hosts (Wall Street Journal)
• The Business of Burps: Scientists Smell Profit in Cow Emissions (New York Times)
• Seven ways the NBA has changed since MJ’s Bulls (ESPN)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Jim Chanos, famed short seller and founder Kynikos Associates. Chanos helped to expose a number of financial frauds, most famously Enron, Baldwin-United, and Drexel Burnham.


20 Percent Of The U.S. Labor Force Has Filed For Unemployment Since Mid-March

Source: fivethirtyeight


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