10 Sunday Reads

My helpful collection of resources and information for your easy like Sunday morning reads:

How to Stay Safe:

• Can You Go On Vacation This Summer? Use A Pool? Fly On A Plane? We Asked Seven Experts. (Buzzfeed)
• How To Make Indoor Air Safer (FiveThirtyEight)
• How Much Should You Worry About Air Conditioning and COVID-19? (Slate)
• Worried About Crowded Planes? Know Where Your Airline Stands (New York Times)
• Fauci: I would not get on a plane or eat inside a restaurant (Marketwatch)
• Older Children Spread the Coronavirus Just as Much as Adults, Large Study Finds (New York Times)
• No Bleach and Dirty Rags: How Some Janitors Are Asked to Keep You Virus-Free (New York Times)
• The Sports Bubbles Are Working, So Far (Wall Street Journal) but see Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and other stars question NFL’s coronavirus protocols (Washington Post)

All about Masks:

• Meet the New C.D.C. Director: Walmart. Why are big corporations requiring masks when many states still do not? (New York Times)
• McDonald’s to Require Face Masks in U.S. Restaurants (Wall Street Journal)
• Homemade Face Masks Work Best With Multiple Layers, Study Finds (Bloomberg)
• Despite Masks’ Proven Value, Some U.S. Leaders Avoid Mandates (New York Times)
• Coronavirus: Which Mask Should You Wear? (New York Times)
• ‘No mask, no entry. Is that clear enough? That seems pretty clear, right?’ (Washington Post)

Vaccine, Treatment, & Medical News:

• Timeline Accelerates for COVID-19 Drug Development: 3 new vaccines for coronavirus poised for emergency use in the U.S. this fall (Morningstar)
• “It is likely that greater than 10 times more SARS-CoV-2 infections occurred than the number of reported COVID-19 cases.” (JAMA)
• Can you get coronavirus twice? Doctors are unsure even as anecdotal reports mount. (Washington Post)
• Hydroxychloroquine with or without Azithromycin in Mild-to-Moderate Covid-19; Evidence on the safety/efficacy is limited. (New England Journal of Medicine)
• The U.S. Commits to Buying Millions of Vaccine Doses. Why That’s Unusual. (New York Times)
• Gates Says Korean Firm Could Make 200 Million Vaccines by June.  (Bloomberg)
• Study identifies 21 existing drugs that could treat COVID-19 Multiple drugs improve the activity of remdesivir, a current standard-of-care treatment for COVID-19 (Science daily)
• How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last? (The Atlantic)
• Oxford coronavirus vaccine safe and promising, according to early human trial results published in the Lancet (Washington Post)
• Pfizer in Pact with U.S. for 100 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses (Bloomberg)
• A Vaccine Reality Check: So much hope is riding on a breakthrough, but a vaccine is only the beginning of the end. (The Atlantic)
• How Deadly Is Covid-19? Researchers Are Getting Closer to an Answer (Wall Street Journal)
• Covid Antibodies Fade Rapidly, Raising Risk of Lost Immunity (Bloomberg)
• How A 60-Year-Old Drug Became Our Best Hope For Saving People With COVID-19 (FiveThirtyEight
• Covid-19 Measures Have All but Wiped Out the Flu in the Southern Hemisphere (Wall Street Journal)
• We Searched for Covid-19 Data. Here’s What We Couldn’t Find. (New York Times)
• During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Some Doctors Wondered: Where Are the Preemies? (New York Times)


• Is Your State Doing Enough Coronavirus Testing? (New York Times)
• White House reportedly seeks to defund coronavirus testing and tracing (The Guardian)
• What Accounts For High Coronavirus Positivity Rates Among Florida Kids? (NPR)
• Long Waits for Results Render COVID Tests ‘Useless’ (Medscape)
• Covid-19 Testing Is Broken and There’s No Plan to Fix It (Bloomberg)
• The Rise in Testing Is Not Driving the Rise in U.S. Virus Cases (New York Times)

Aid, Assistance & Economics:

• Why Rents Haven’t Dropped in New York City (New York Times) see also How Will Hudson Yards Survive the Pandemic? (New York Times)
• U.S. Economic Recovery Is Stalling and It May Get Even Worse (Bloomberg)
• The economy is in deep trouble again. Coronavirus is to blame (CNN)
• R Is for Recession Unless We Can Go Below 1 (Bloomberg)
• What Banks Tell Us About Covid-Era Business: ‘Everybody Is, Bluntly, Struggling (WSJ)
• Small Businesses Brace for Prolonged Crisis, Short on Cash and Customers (Wall Street Journalsee also With Indoor Dining Upended, Some Restaurants Call It Quits (Wall Street Journal)
• Should Universities Spend More From Their Endowments? (Chief Investment Officer)
• The One Change That Could Save Your Neighborhood Stores (New York Times)
• Prospering in the pandemic: the top 100 companies (Financial Times)
• The Worst for U.S. Renters and Apartment Owners Is Yet to Come (Bloomberg)
• The Whiners Who Earn $200,000 and Complain They’re Broke (New Republic)

Staying Entertained During Lockdown:

• The pandemic has been great for Netflix (Vox)
• I Tried 80 Airbnb Online “Experiences,” and It Was Actually an Adventure (Slate)
• Forget Meditation Apps. I’m Binge-Watching These Bonsai Videos (Bloomberg)
• You’re Doomscrolling Again. Here’s How to Snap Out of It. (New York Times)
• Our favorite newsletters to give you plenty of goodies to read while you’re stuck in the house being a responsible and socially distanced adult (Inside Hook)


• How Should Colleges Reopen? There’s No Easy Answer (Bloomberg)
• Vermont becomes the only state in the nation without a death from COVID-19 in the past 30 days (Burlington Free Press)
• U.S. Companies Lose Hope for Quick Rebound From Covid-19 (Wall Street Journal)
• Reopening Schools Is Way Harder Than It Should Be (New York Times)
• Is College Football Happening or Not? (Wall Street Journal)
• The coronavirus exposed European countries’ misplaced confidence in faulty models, bureaucratic busywork and their own wealth. (New York Times)
Amid Coronavirus, Parents ‘Pod Up’ to Form At-Home Schools: Wary of sending their children back into classrooms, some families are joining into pods to teach kids. (Wall Street Journal)
• After falling for months, Covid-19 hospitalizations in the US are nearing April’s peak (CNN)

We Suck at This:

• The crisis that shocked the world: America’s response to the coronavirus (Washington Post)
• US hits 4 million cases of COVID-19: A look at the milestones and setbacks (USA Today)
• U.S. Coronavirus Cases Soar as 18 States Set Single-Day Records This Week. (New York Times)
• America’s backwards coronavirus strategy (Economist)
• On metric after metric, the coronavirus pandemic has been worse in the U.S. than nearly any other country (Washington Post)
• Study: Coronavirus Infections Much Higher Than Reported (New York Times)
• A look at the Americans who believe there is some truth to the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was planned (Pew Research Center)
• ‘Superspreading’ events, triggered by people who may not even know they are infected, propel coronavirus pandemic (Washington Post)
• Bahamas closes borders to U.S. tourists after COVID-19 cases spike; others still welcome (Miami Herald)
• Europe Said It Was Pandemic-Ready. Pride Was Its Downfall. (New York Times)
• How the coronavirus pandemic became Florida’s perfect storm (The Conversation)
• Vulnerable Border Community Battles Virus on ‘A Straight Up Trajectory’ (New York Times)
• 85 infants under age 1 tested positive for coronavirus in one Texas county (CNN)

We Suck at This, GOP edition:

• Americans Increasingly Dislike How Republican Governors Are Handling The Coronavirus Outbreak (FiveThirtyEight)
• American Death Cult: Why has the Republican response to the pandemic been so mind-bogglingly disastrous? (New York)
• Republicans remain far less likely than Democrats to view COVID-19 as a major threat to public health (Pew Research Center) see also Republicans And Democrats See COVID-19 Very Differently. Is That Making People Sick? (FiveThirtyEight)
• Republicans Keep Flunking Microbe Economics (New York Times) see also Economists versus epidemiologists (Crooked Timber)
• Republicans Have to Stop Channeling Herbert Hoover (Bloomberg)
• The GOP war on unemployment aid is bad for workers and disastrous for the economy.  (LA Times)
• As Trump Ignores Virus Crisis, Republicans Start to Break Ranks (New York Times)
• Missouri Governor Says Kids Will Get Coronavirus In Schools, But ‘They’re Going To Get Over It’ (Forbes)
• Inside Trump’s Failure: The Rush to Abandon Leadership Role on the Virus (New York Times)
• Republican divisions threaten new stimulus proposal (Financial Times) see also Why aren’t Republicans trying to juice the economy? (The Week)
• Endangered GOP senators under pressure as Senate considers new coronavirus measures (Washington Post)


• Which Country Will Triumph in the Post-Pandemic World? Hint: It’s not the United States or China (New York Times)
• China’s Epic Property Boom Doesn’t Stop for Covid-19 Pandemic (Wall Street Journal)
• The 6-Feet Rule Will Guide Architects in a Post-Covid World (Businessweek)
• New Tools for Home Buyers as the Pandemic Upends Real Estate (New York Times)
• What comes after Zoom fatigue: It looks like we’re stuck with video chat. Is that such a bad thing? (Vox)
• Covid Rewrites the Disney Playbook (Wall Street Journal)
• Is the Federal Government Going to Abandon Cities Again? (Slate)
• Companies Start to Think Remote Work Isn’t So Great After All: Projects take longer. Collaboration is harder. And training new workers is a struggle. (Wall Street Journal)
• The Future of Our Food Supply From grocery stores and online delivery to farms and restaurants, how and where we get our food may never look the same. (Citylab)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with David Enrich, Finance editor at the New York Times. He is the author of The Spider Network about the LIBOR scandal; his new book is “Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction.”


How the World Learned to Love Face Masks

Source: Bloomberg




Avert your eyes! My Sunday morning look at incompetency, corruption and policy failures:

How Donald Trump Moved Millions From His Campaign Donors To His Private Business: Millions from his campaign, millions from the RNC, millions from committees. While other billionaires spend big on the election, the Donald is raking it in. (Forbes)
As Trump rages, open defiance of him is mounting. Here are 7 examples. Trump’s sinking popularity — which is linked to that loosening grip, as his efforts to impose that understanding on us are surely helping drive his numbers down — is leading to open defiance among his own party.(Washington Post)
8 Big Reasons Election Day 2020 Could Be a Disaster: You may think you know how bad Nov. 3 will be. But all signs point to something far, far worse. (Politico)
From American to European Exceptionalism: An overvalued US dollar is ripe for a sharp decline, owing to America’s rapidly worsening macroeconomic imbalances and a government that is abdicating all semblance of global – or even domestic – leadership. And the European Union’s approval of a joint rescue fund is likely to accelerate the euro’s rise. (Project Syndicate)
Tucker’s Got Real Scandals, So He Keeps Inventing Imaginary Enemies: The Fox News star went on vacation after his chief writer was exposed as a bigot, and returned just as he was accused of harassment. So he doxxed a reporter to change the subject. (Daily Beast) see also Maine journalists under siege after false accusations from Fox News’s Tucker Carlson (Washington Post)
Facebook’s sad summer continues with a $650 million settlement: The company will pay Illinois users between $200 and $400 over claims that it violated the state’s facial recognition law. (Vox)  
In Portland, the Baby Fascists Have Shown Their Face: Some of it has already happened, and more will happen as Trump fights to stay in power. (Foreign Policy)
The Unified Theory of American Politics: This idiosyncratic combination of ideological background, employment experience, and expertise has lent Shor a unique perspective on American politics. (New York Magazine)
•  The Left is Now the Right: We laughed at the Republican busybody who couldn’t joke, declared war on dirty paintings, and peered through your bedroom window. Now that person has switched sides, and nobody’s laughing (Matt Taibbi)
• “This is a hustler’s story”: how SAINt JHN got a grip on his on his staggering success (The Face)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with David Enrich, Finance editor at the New York Times. He is the author of The Spider Network about the LIBOR scandal; his new book is “Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction.”

How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter

Source: New York Times


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