Weekly Covid-19 News Round-Up, 9.20.27

My helpful collection of resources and information for your easy like Sunday morning reads:

How to Stay Safe:

• FAQs on Protecting Yourself from Aerosol Transmission (Google Docs)
• Airborne Transmission of SARS CoV 2 A Virtual Workshop (National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine)
• COVID-19 Is Transmitted Through Aerosols. We Have Enough Evidence, Now It Is Time to Act. (Time)
• How We Survive the Winter: The coming months of the pandemic could be catastrophic. The U.S. still has ways to prepare. (The Atlantic)
• Temperature Isn’t a Good Litmus Test for Coronavirus, Doctors Say (Wall Street Journal)
• How to Ventilate Your Home to Fight Coronavirus, Wildfire Smoke (Wall Street Journal)
• Covid Everlasting (Bloomberg)
• The Road Ahead: Charting the pandemic over the next 12 months — and beyond: (STAT)
• New York State Tops 1,000 New Daily Coronavirus Cases for First Time Since Early June (Wall Street Journal)
• How South Korea Successfully Managed Coronavirus (Wall Street Journal)
• CDC says seasonal flu cases hit record lows around the world (NBC)

Vaccine, Testing & Treatment Medical News:

• Here’s How the Pandemic Finally Ends: A vaccine by early 2021, a steady decline in cases by next fall and back to normal in a few years—11 top experts look into the future. (Politico)
• We Will Not Have a Vaccine by November: No matter what the president says, the timeline is not possible. (Slate) see also A Covid-19 Vaccine for Children May Not Arrive Before Fall 2021 (New York Times)
• The World Is Winning—and Losing—the Vaccine Race (Foreign Policy)
• Massive genetic study shows coronavirus mutating and potentially evolving amid rapid U.S. spread (Washington Post)
• The Core Lesson of the COVID-19 Heart Debate: The new coronavirus seems so strange because it has our full attention in a way most viruses don’t. (The Atlantic)
• A Texas Tycoon Throws Millions at the Covid Testing Puzzle (Wall Street Journal)
• FDA to announce tougher standards for a coronavirus vaccine that make it unlikely one will be cleared by Election Day (Washington Post)

Aid, Assistance & Economics:

• How much is COVID-19 hurting state and local revenues? (Brookings)
• Economic Fallout From COVID-19 Continues To Hit Lower-Income Americans the Hardest (Pew Research Center)
• BlackRock chief says homebound labor stifles cooperation and erodes corporate culture. (CIO)
• COVID Didn’t Destroy New York City. Austerity Just Might. (Slate)
• 9 of Every 10 Restaurants and Bars in N.Y.C. Can’t Pay Full Rent (New York Times)
•  The math of New York City’s recovery (Axios)
• Expect long-term economic scarring from Covid-19: Forecasts for GDP growth look optimistic, but the risks of permanent losses are worrying (Financial Times)
• Meat Was Once in Short Supply Amid Pandemic. Now, It’s on Sale. (Wall Street Journal)
• Unable to Pay Rent, Small Businesses Hope for a Deal With Their Landlord (New York Times)
• Key Economic Findings About COVID-19 (Becker Friedman Institute)
• Oxford University Has a Shot at Vaccine Billions. Or Does It? (Institutional Investor)
• Many Hospitals Charge More Than Twice What Medicare Pays for the Same Care: The gap between rates set for private insurers and employers vs. those by the federal government stirs the debate over a government-run health plan. (New York Times)

We Suck at this:

N95 masks save lives. So why are they still hard to get this far into a pandemic? Nurses and doctors depend on respirator masks to protect them from covid-19. So why are we still running low on an item that once cost around $1? (Washington Post)
• Why governments get covid-19 wrong (Economist)
• Covid Death Toll Nears 1 Million, But Real Number May Be Double (Bloomberg)
• These gloves help fight COVID-19. But they’re made in sweatshop conditions (Los Angeles Times)
• Pentagon used taxpayer money meant for masks and swabs to make jet engine parts and body armor (Washington Post)
• The covid-19 pandemic is worse than official figures show (Economist)
• Public Health Officials Face Wave Of Threats, Pressure Amid Coronavirus Response (Kaiser Health News)
• Threats and invective hurled at health director who sought to postpone Trump’s Tulsa rally, emails show (Washington Post)
• Donald Trump gives himself an ‘A+’ for his handling of the coronavirus. Uh, what? (CNN)

We Suck: US passes 200,000 dead, 7 million infections 

• We Aren’t Nationally Mourning The 200,000 COVID-19 Victims Because If We Did It Would Be A Reckoning (Buzzfeed)
• The United States now counts over 200,000 dead in direct connection with the novel coronavirus. Here’s how that massive figure stacks up to Benghazi, 9/11, and much more. (Daily Beast)
• Wisconsin sounds alarm after surge in COVID-19 cases as nation surpasses 200,000 deaths (Reuters)
• The U.S. now has more than 200,000 coronavirus deaths (Axios)
• 50,000 Benghazis, 109 Katrinas: U.S. COVID-19 Death in Perspective (Daily Beast)
• Denial and Defiance: The Base Downplay the Virus Ahead of the Election. With resistance to face masks and scorn for science, President Trump and a sizable number of his supporters are pushing an alternate reality minimizing a tragedy that has killed 200,000 Americans. (New York Times)
• U.S. Coronavirus Cases Near Seven Million (Wall Street Journal)


• Why governments get covid-19 wrong (Economist)
• Tim Cook Thinks Virtual Work Will Continue After the Pandemic (Inside Hook)
• Madrid vs New York: a tale of two cities during Covid-19 (Financial Times)
• As Covid-19 Fatigue Fuels Infections in Europe, Italy Resists Second Wave (Wall Street Journal)
• The College Freshman’s Life This Fall: ‘Definitely Weird’ (Wall Street Journal)



U.S. reaches 200,000 coronavirus deaths

Source: Axios



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