10 Monday AM Reads

My back to work morning train WFH reads:

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink: Election outcome makes for ‘very good time’ to manage money: World’s largest money manager says the political process showing its ‘resiliency.’ (Fox Business)
T. Rowe Price’s Decade-Long Misadventure . . . and why it might finally be turning around. (Institutional Investor)
How Coronavirus Ravaged Travel in 2020: The numbers tell the story of the damage done to airlines, hotels and the rest of the industry—and how far the climb back will be (Wall Street Journal)
What would Keynes do? What the 20th century’s most influential economist can teach us about rebuilding the US economy.  (Vox)
Blown Election Calls, the Stock Market and You: If the election has you doubting the political experts, use it as a reminder that maybe you don’t know everything either. Especially when it comes to investing. (Wall Street Journal)
Marijuana was a big winner on Election Day. Red states. Blue states. Purple states. These days, it seems, they’ll all vote leafy green. (Slate)
The City of Conflict Where a Brexit Deal Matters Most Derry, or Londonderry, in Northern Ireland endured three decades of sectarian vIolence. Now it’s on the front lines of Brexit and the pandemic. (Businessweek)
Where Bernie Sanders’s online army goes now “It was never Bernie’s army. It was the army that got behind Bernie.” (Vox)
The Most Famous Paradox in Physics Nears Its End In a landmark series of calculations, physicists have proved that black holes can shed information, which seems impossible by definition. The work appears to resolve a paradox that Stephen Hawking first described five decades ago. (Quanta Magazine)
Charlie Parker’s Scorching Innovations: Born 100 years ago this year, the saxophonist pushed bebop to jazz’s forefront and set a lasting benchmark for virtuosity and style. (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Adam Posen, president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Posen’s research into monetary and fiscal policies have propelled the institute to international recognition. He was a voting member of the Bank of England.


Rebounding Corporate Profits Fortify Stock Market Rally

Source: WSJ


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