Which Are the World’s Most Innovative Countries?

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The top five most innovative economies include Switzerland, Sweden, U.S., U.K., and the Netherlands. All are high income Western Democracies.  Singapore is 8, South Koreas is 10, Israel 13 and China is 14 overall.

Various countries lead in different key areas of output:

  • Switzerland: First in Knowledge Creation, second in Global Brand Value
  • U.S.: First in Entertainment and Media, Computer Software Spending, Intellectual Property Receipts
  • China: First in Patents Registered
  • Vietnam: Second in High-Technology Net Exports
  • India: First in Information and Communication Technology Services Exports
  • Thailand: First in business R&D
  • Malaysia: First in high-tech net exports

These comparisons are always challenging; the methodologies used less than ideal. Still, it is always worthwhile to see what data points the exercise creates.

All data based on World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Innovation Index. (Full 2020 report PDF)





The Most Innovative Countries, Ranked by Income Group

Source: Visual Capitalist

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