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My back to work morning train WFH reads:

Some China Stocks Could Vanish From the U.S. What to Know. The giant “caution” sign for investors who own Chinese stocks has been blinking for months. It’s about to become a blaring beacon of warning. Individual investors who still own, or are considering owning, individual shares of U.S.-listed Chinese stocks need to heed this warning: Beijing has steadily intensified the regulatory scrutiny of its largest technology companies, while U.S.-China tensions escalate and prompt investment restrictions and legislation that create further market ramifications. (Barron’s)

Will ‘the Great Wealth Transfer’ Trigger a Civil War? Over the next quarter century, 45 million U.S. households will collectively bequeath $68.4 trillion to their heirs. This transfer will constitute the largest redistribution of wealth in human history. GenX stands to inherit 57% of that $68.4 trillion; millennials will collect the bulk of the rest. (New York Magazine)

Are the Roaring 20s Already Here? Things are far from perfect now (and they always will be) but you could make the case that our version of the roaring 20s is already here.(A Wealth of Common Sense)

America’s monopoly problem stretches far beyond Big Tech Feeling squeezed by corporate America? Monopolies have something to do with it. (Vox)

Money-Market Funds Buckled in Two Crises in a Row. Regulators Look to Fix Them Again. Financial regulators are making another attempt to minimize the likelihood that central banks have to step in to support these key corporate funding markets (Wall Street Journal)

• Half of U.S. States Ended Federal Covid-Related Jobless Benefits Early. Here Is How They Compare With the Other Half. Billions of dollars in enhanced federal aid still being paid to jobless Americans, but some states opt out (Wall Street Journal)

The anatomy of a ransomware attack Inside the hacks that lock down computer systems and damage businesses. (Washington Post)

Don’t Sue Me Like That: Anatomy of a Copyright Troll How rock photographer Larry Philpot perfected a perfectly legal way to extract settlements from his images of Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Ted Nugent, and more. (Businessweek)

Who are America’s vaccine skeptics? Party politics is only part of the story when it comes to vaccine hesitancy (The Critic)

The Pitchers Whose Spin Rates Fell Most After a Crackdown on Sticky Substances Strikeouts have decreased and on-base percentage has risen — midseason changes without parallel in decades of baseball in the majors. (Upshot)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Matt Ishbia, CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage. UWM is the number 1 wholesale lender and the number 2 overall mortgage lender in the nation. The firm went public in the biggest SPAC ever (UWMC)  this year. Ishbia is also the author of “Running the Corporate Offense: Lessons in Effective Leadership from the Bench to the Boardroom.


Most Americans like remote work — but Democrats like it more

Source: Vox

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