1965 Land Rover 88 Series IIA

What is about these old trucks that are so appealing?

I have been intrigued with these analog workhorses for some time. See as an example this 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II 4×4 or this 1994 Defender 130. The lines are classic and remained unchanged for decades — at least through the first 3 seasons of The Crown. These were busy during the War, and afterward became a favorite of farmers and ranchers.

Powered by a 2.25-liter gasoline inline-four paired with a four-speed manual transmission, an overdrive unit, and a dual-range transfer case. Solidly built, with simple mechanicals, no computer controls or traction controls, it is a go-anywhere vehicle. Its durability was a big selling point, as is its simplicity (Full specs here).

I like champagne metallic color over black leather of this lovely below. After years of stability, valuations have begun to move higher on these.  This fully refurbed example just sold for $48,000.


Source: Bring A Trailer

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