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My Two-for-Tuesday morning train WFH reads:

The Mystery of the Missing Workers, Explained A retirement boom, a turn for the worse in the opioid epidemic, and the rising cost of child care all stand in the way of employers seeking to fill open slots. (BusinessWeek)

SEC boss Gary Gensler has few regulatory bullets on crypto: lawyer Gary Gensler’s ambition to regulate the “Wild West” of cryptocurrencies is on a collision course with something he can’t regulate: more than seven decades of case law. (New York Post) see also Outgunned Crypto Lobbyists Falter in Bid to Fix Broad Tax Rules Cryptocurrency lobbyists were caught ill-equipped in one of the first legislative battles for their nascent industry, despite a Herculean push that impressed Washington insiders with its intensity. (Bloomberg)

Everyone Wants Access to a New Private Asset Class. Here’s How Apollo Helped Create One. Apollo has grown its hybrid value strategy, a cross between debt and equity, to $13 billion in three years. That’s because companies can get a lot of what private equity offers, without giving up control. (Institutional Investor)

How the Robinhood Era Is Changing Stock-Market Investing When investor communities, not institutions, drive security pricing. (Morningstar) see also Superstar Fund Managers Are Launching ETFs. Are They Worth the Price? Actively managed ETFs have pros behind the scenes making investing decisions, but they’re also more expensive. (Bloomberg)

Nervous S&P 500 Traders Bet the Market’s Best Days Are Behind It The relentless rally in U.S. equities has driven bears almost into extinction. But to say bullishness is ubiquitous would be a stretch. From options trading to stock preferences to the direction of retail money flows, signs of trepidation are budding in a market where $27 trillion has been added to equity values in a little over a year. (Bloomberg)

Apple defends its new anti-child-abuse tech against privacy concerns Apple’s radical new anti-abuse technology provoked both criticism and praise by scanning directly on iPhones (MIT Technology Review) see also Apple’s New ‘Child Safety’ Initiatives, and the Slippery Slope The CSAM detection for iCloud Photo Library is more complicated, delicate, and controversial. But it only applies to images being sent to iCloud Photo Library. If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library, no images on your devices are fingerprinted. But, of course, most of us do use iCloud Photo Library. (Daring Fireball)

How Condo Buildings End Aggressive developers looking for a way in—or desperate homeowners looking for a way out. (Slate)

Vaccination Status Has Americans Picking Sides Vaccination status is splitting up groups of close friends and families; ‘it could just turn into a really nasty battle’ (Wall Street Journal) see also Too many Republicans are taking covid-19’s side in the fight against the pandemic. pandemic (Washington Post)

Stable coins’ rise has echoes of Bretton Woods A half-century on from the decision that defined the current monetary set-up, calls are mounting for new ideas to address old monetary problems (Financial Times)

Invasive Insects and Plants Spread Northward From tree-eating beetles to crop-smothering vines, pests once found only in more southerly latitudes are expanding their ranges, as climate change spurs warmer winters.  (Wall Street Journal) see also A Bet on the Cheap, Green, Geopolitical Future of Batteries Freyr Battery will use funds raised in a merger with a U.S. special-purpose acquisition company last month to build low-cost, low-carbon ‘gigafactories’ (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this past weekend with Sandy Rattray, Chief Investment Officer of Man Group and a member of the Man Group Executive Committee. Man provides a range of funds for institutional and private investors globally and is the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund company, with about $125 billion in funds under management.


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