North America’s EV Battery Network

Canada Emerges as Cornerstone of North American Battery Supply Chain

Source: Bloomberg



North America has all of the critical ingredients needed for lithium-ion batteries for EVs: nickel, cobalt, lithium, graphite.


Britishvolt, a UK-headquartered cell manufacturing startup, plans to build a 60GWh plant in Quebec. While Stromvolt, a Canadian headquartered startup, is planning a 10GWh plant in Ontario. Combined with announcements south of the border, North America has plans for over 400GWh of capacity to be built this decade. This is still short of the 508GWh annual demand the region will have by 2030, so expect more announcements to come.

Once a country has cell manufacturing capacity, the rest of the component manufacturing industry tends to follow as suppliers move close to their customers. So, Canada is now on course to create a strong domestic battery supply chain.




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