10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning train WFH reads:

Europe Is on a Wartime Mission to Ditch Russian Oil and Gas Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will drive the continent back towards coal in the short term, but there could be warp-speed deployment of green energy this decade (Bloomberg)

Chinese Investors Are Pulling Away From Russia. Here’s Why That Matters Despite ideological differences, China will choose the West over Russia. (Chief Investment Officer)

Can Goldman Sachs Straddle Wall Street and Main Street? David Solomon has spent the last three years building up Goldman’s consumer and wealth management businesses — but the bank still can’t shake its high-finance reputation. (Institutional Investor)

Why Do Women Invest Less Than Men? Blame the Income Gap Women arew expected to control much of baby boomer assets in coming years, but more and more studies have noted how women are also playing a larger role in household financial decisions and becoming family breadwinners. Yet even as more women gain wealth, common stereotypes still loom large. (Morningstar)

The Irresistible Appeal of the ‘Post-Industrial Park’ In Parks for Profit, a sociologist argues that glitzy urban parks that rely on private funders can trigger displacement and drain resources from other public spaces. (CityLab)

The Youth Movement Trying to Revolutionize Climate Politics: Sunrise has already shifted the conventional wisdom about climate change. Now it wants to create a mass movement, combining street protest with policy negotiation, while there’s still time. (New Yorker)

Putin proves my point. Whatever it is: While Ukrainians fight for their lives, battalions of keyboard warriors are explaining how this validates their other opinions. (Financial Times)

Ukraine war mystery: What’s wrong with the Russian military? Losses, desertions and a convoy that doesn’t move: Questions are mounting about one of the world’s largest armies. (Grid)

Roman boat that sank in Mediterranean 1,700 years ago gives up its treasures Finds from fourth-century wreck ‘perfectly preserved’ just 2m below the surface off one of Mallorca’s busiest beaches (The Guardian)

She found long-lost love letters hidden in her attic. Then the hunt began for their owner. Anna Prillaman was in the attic of her home in Richmond doing light afternoon cleaning when she suddenly spotted a small door. She had never seen it before, as it was previously covered by a dresser. She opened it, and, to her surprise, it led to a part of her attic she never knew existed. (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Michelle Seitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Russell Investments, the 6th largest manager in the world. The firm manages over $331. billion in assets and advises on another $2.8 trillion.


Will Inflation Fall? Any Pullback Depends on Cars, Rent, Energy and Food

Source: Wall Street Journal


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