2023 Taiga Orca EV Jet Ski

I like anything with an engine, especially cars and boats.

This also includes all manner of personal watercraft as well. But as much as I enjoy jet skiing, I only take it in small doses; the noise and vibration usually mean that 30 minutes or so is plenty. If only we could create a smoother ride, less noise, and zero pollution.

Enter the Taiga Orca.

Direct electric drive, composite hulls, performance-focused electric powertrain with no throttle lag. The Orca comes in 3 flavors: Sport ($17,490), Performance ($19,490), and Carbon ($26,500). The Carbon edition is available today, and reservations/deposits are being accepted for the Sport and Performance editions for 2023 delivery.

Here are the specs:

Power: 160HP

Output: 67KW / 120KW

Range:  45KM

Looks like a lot of fun, I cannot wait to get onto one.¬†I already put my deposit down…


Source: Taiga

Source: Electrek

Source: Gear Junkie

Source: Wall Street Journal

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