2024 Audi A6 Avant e-tron (concept)

I don’t usually do the deep dive into concept cars — there are too many of them, and most are merely rolling experimental platforms and nowhere near real production cars.

But a few things about Audi’s new A6 Avant e-tron stood out: First, my gut feeling is this is closer to a production model than the typical concept. See as proof Top Electric‘s comparo between the original Avant concept and the latest one. This is not all that far off from a 2022 A6 Avant. This Avant e-tron is the wagon version of the electric A6 (2021).

Here is what we know so far:

469 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.
Range of up to 435 miles (10 minutes at a fast-charging station gives 186 miles).
2 electric motors provide AWD
800 volt technology, 270 kW of charging capacity
Minimal aerodynamic drag: cW value 0.22
Deliveries expected in the USA in 2024

The car’s Digital Matrix LED headlights are impressive, but the showstopper are the LED projectors accompanying the turn signals and back-up lights:

“Three small, high-resolution LED projectors are built into each side of the body, transforming the ground beneath them into a stage when the doors are opened – small, extended, dynamic lighting effects greet the occupants with messages in their own language. Another four high-resolution LED projectors – inconspicuously integrated into the corners of the vehicle – generate turn signal projections. The design of these projections can be modified to address different markets and approval regions as required.”

The videos of this are crazy cool; hopefully, much of the tech on display will likely find its way to future Audis.

Fans are hoping for a lifted Allroad model and high-performance RS variant. Early estimates have prices starting around $75k, but I suspect that is optimistic.


Source: Top Gear

Source: Car and Driver

Source: Audi

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