10 Friday AM Reads

My end-of-week morning train WFH reads:

Crypto Bank Had a Boring Collapse, Also Silicon Valley Bank: Elsewhere in boring maturity mismatches and a lack of deposit diversification. (Money Stuff)

Why daylight saving is so hard on the body — and what to do about it: Every process within the body, from sleep to metabolism, runs on an internal clock, known as circadian rhythm. Various cues, like light, trigger the release of hormones alerting the body to wake up, feel sleepy, get hungry. Even if you wake at the same time every day, the shift from standard to daylight saving time means it’s suddenly dark in the morning and your circadian rhythm is disrupted. (Vox)

How One Guy’s Car Blog Became a $1 Billion Marketplace: Bring a Trailer is where obsessives buy, sell and geek out over classic cars. The company pops open its hood after 100,000 auctions to explain why. (Wall Street Journal)

The Backlash Against ESG Faces Its Own Backlash: Pension funds in red states say culture-war policies are interfering with the market and could cost retirees and taxpayers billions. (Institutional Investor)

Substack: Empire of Narratives: The $650 million startup isn’t a newsletter platform – it’s a multi-media network and cultural powerhouse. (The Generalist)

How Lego Beat Barbie and Monopoly: Maker of toy bricks reports rise in sales, pushing further ahead of U.S. rivals. (Wall Street Journal)

I Asked an Algorithm to Optimize My Life. Here’s What Happened: I spend all day making decisions, and they’re not always good ones. Could an algorithm do a better job of deciding what’s best for me? (Wired)

How much snow fell in California? Take a look. California’s diverse landscape of beaches, valleys, foothills and mountains has been transformed into a winter wonderland by a spectacularly snowy winter. (Washington Post)

The Deep Archeology of Fox News: The evidence emerging from the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News has the quality of liberal fever dreams. What’s the worst you can possibly imagine about Fox? What’s the most cartoonish caricature, the worst it could possibly be? Well, in these emails and texts you basically have that. Only it’s real. It’s not anyone believing the worst and giving no benefit of the doubt. This is what Fox is. (Talking Points Memo)

‘The Big Lebowski’ Turns 25: “People Didn’t Get It,” Jeff Bridges Recalls The Dude looks back — and shares his behind-the-scenes photos — from the Coen brothers’ beloved take on L.A. noir. The film has inspired legions of fans, an annual festival and even a religion, but it wasn’t an instant hit in 1998. (Hollywood Reporter)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Rich Bernstein of Richard Bernstein Advisors (RBA), which was founded in 2009 and is running $14.6B in assets. Previously, he was Chief Investment Strategist at Merrill Lynch, where he had worked for 21 years. Bernstein was named to the Institutional Investor’s “All-America Research Team” 18 times and has been inducted into the Institutional Investor “Hall of Fame.” He is the author of “Navigate the Noise: Investing in the New Age of Media and Hype.”


U.S. home heating is fractured in surprising ways.

Source: Washington Post


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