10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday morning train WFH reads:

What would U.S. default actually look like? ‘Financial Armageddon.’ The global financial system is like an upside-down pyramid, and the tip of that pyramid is the U.S. Treasury market. “Everything else rests upon it.” (Washington Post) but see also Can Biden Call the G.O.P.’s Bluff on Debt and Protect the Economy? Some Republicans, whether serious or bluffing, seem ready to go to the brink of default — if not actually default on the U.S. national debt. Debate has intensified. (New York Times)

Vanguard’s Trillion-Dollar Man Leads a Fixed-Income Revolution: Active bond funds bleed record cash as passive lures billions; Josh Barrickman leads rise of new fixed-income market giants. (Bloomberg)

Your boss is obsessed with productivity without knowing what it means: That’s poor ground to stand on when trying to revoke remote work. (Vox) see also The Decline of the Five-Day Commute Is a Boon to Suburban Retail: Challenging time for urban downtowns presents opportunities in other locations. (Wall Street Journal)

The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Multitasking: Our brains aren’t wired to juggle tasks. (Wall Street Journal)

The Repo Man Returns as More Americans Fall Behind on Car Payments: Pandemic relief measures shielded many people from repossession, but that’s changing as interest rates and auto prices soar. (Businessweek) see also Repo Men Haggle With Harley-Davidson Over Recovery Fees: Motorcycle maker cites higher credit loss, lack of repossession agents; companies say Harley doesn’t pay enough for difficult, dangerous work. (Wall Street Journal)

Why Launch Rockets When You Can Just Fling Them Into Space? California startup SpinLaunch says its system will be able to complete 2,000 launches a year. (Businessweek)

Jack Dorsey Has a Lot to Say, Including About Elon Musk and Twitter: The Twitter co-founder has posted prolifically on two new social networks, Nostr and Bluesky, which he also backed financially. (New York Times) see also The Life and Death of the Blue Check Mark: Twitter’s verification process was historic. Then came Elon Musk. (Slate)

Having a Name Twin at Work Is Hard, Just Ask Chris Smith. And Chris Smith. You’re getting a promotion! Or are you? Work doppelgängers are everywhere.. (Wall Street Journal)

How Ron DeSantis transformed into an anti-public health crusader: DeSantis’s surgeon general is accused of manipulating data to justify an anti-vaccine agenda. How did we get here?  (Vox) see also These ten books are considered pornography in Ron DeSantis’ Florida: Few of the books removed from Florida school libraries were deemed pornographic or sexually explicit. And many books that did receive that label do not meet the definition of pornography — or anything close — under state or federal law. (Popular Information)

The Game NBA Defenders Hate to Play: See Steph Run: Stephen Curry’s long-range 3-pointers make the highlight reels. The distances he travels before he shoots them are what really destroy NBA defenses. (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Julian Salisbury, Chief Investment Officer of Goldman Sachs Asset & Wealth Management, with $737 billion in assets under management. He is a member of the Management Committee and Co-Chair of the Asset Management Investment Committees, (private equity, infrastructure, growth equity, credit, and real estate).


Buffett vs. the market: Charting 58 years of Berkshire Hathaway’s returns

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