MIB: Top 10 Favorite Episodes

This July MIB celebrated its 5-year anniversary; the 300th episode should role out sometimes next month.

One of the questions I seem to be getting all the time is this: What are your favorite episodes? What is your top 10 list?

That is a really tough question, choosing just 10 is a nearly impossible task. I could probably create another 5 lists of Top 10 and each one is as fantastic as any of the others.

Instead, I will pull 10 of the better conversations we have had that are unique, and representative of what I hope to accomplish with the show. I left some of the early ones out – Jeff Gundlach, Arthur Levitt, Shelia Bair – because even though the guests were great, I was raw (terrible) in the year one. Do something for 3000 hours and 300X and eventually you suck much less.

With no further adieu, my fascinating short list of top 10 MIBs:

Masters in Business Top 10 List
10. Richard Barton, Microsoft/Expedia/Zillow/Glassdoor
9. Bill Gross, PIMCO
8. John Pizzarelli, Jazz Guitarist
7. Howard Marks, Oaktree
6. Cliff Asness, AQR
5. Robert Cialdini, Influence
4. Kenneth Feinberg, Mediator
3. Scott Galloway, the Four
2. Marc Andreessen, A16Z
1. Ray Dalio, Bridgewater

A short background story on each of these 10 shows is below.