Q&A: Ask any question you want

We did a conference call for subscribers to our data service last night, and I was impressed with the breath and depth of the questions.

Here’s a sample:

(1) In light of the recent Moody’s downgrade of 15 banks, and the previous downgrades of European banks by both Moody’s and Fitch, what is the prognosis regarding the Eurozone, particularly in light of Germany’s refusal to agree to the Euro bond?

(2) How much exposure is Greece’s, Spain’s, or Italy’s default or collapse expected to have on US banks or US markets?

(3) How likely is Germany to get fed up with the constant whining by the ECB and the PIIG countries for more bailout that it, Germany, or Finland will leave the Euro?

(4) Therefore in light of the above questions/statements, where should you put your money now, and would you consider “cash in dollars” within your portfolio to be an “investment” in this market….or is there a better place to park non-vested money until the market establishes a trend??

(5) As we move through the remainder of the year and into 2013 my biggest fear is that of a ‘Black Swan’ type event. By definition these are outlying events that occur outside of normal patterns. How well do you capture this type of event?

(6) I have this nagging feeling of insecurity, not in your process, but in the world’s seemingly propped-up ponzi like system. How does this play out?

7) How are you setting client portfolios in the current environment?
a.    In terms of stock vs bond vs cash %
b.    Are you more income or growth oriented?

8)    Any recomendations on setting allocations for conservative, moderate and aggressive investors?

9)    Would you estimate the likelihood of market correction in the fall? What levels should we be looking for?

10) On Tuesday, BR linked to a John Hussman comment discussing the likelihood that the U.S. economy has entered a recession — Hussman comment discusses the possibility of an S&P 500 correction into the 850-950 range. BR, what is your gut (not that cognitive-error-prone mind J ) telling you to do over the next three and six months?

11)  There is supposed to be a bull market in Natural Gas coming.  How would your software help me invest in that?

So here’s the offer for blog readers: Put any question you feel like in comments, and I will do my bnest to try to answer them. It should be a blog post next week in Q&A form.

Have at it.



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