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Masters in Business is a popular radio show and podcast on Bloomberg Radio. One of Apple iTunes 20 most popular business podcasts, MiB was originally conceived by its creator, Barry Ritholtz, as a deep dive into the minds of the most influential, savvy and successful people in the world of business & finance.

The shows motto – “No stock picks, no predictions” – is what helps separate it from most of the useless financial media fare. Instead of a parade of failed forecasters and other superficial nonsense (stock picking contest, anyone?) the approach is a smarter and more useful discussion between two market professionals.

What makes Masters in Business unique: Speaking with the brightest and most successful names in finance and business, MiB explores how these folks became the professionals they are today: Who their mentors and influences were, what their personal work history is like, what books they read, even their daily routines and thought processes. A listener wrote: “The show is like eavesdropping two very smart market professionals having a deep discussion over a cup of coffee.”

The show broadcasts repeatedly each weekend on Bloomberg Radio, XM Sirius, and numerous syndication partners. Each show is uploaded, complete and uncut without commercial interruption, onto Bloomberg.com, Apple iTunes, Overcast, and SoundCloud. You can see a fuller discussion on each guest at BloombergView.com.

The show was stealthily launched in the Summer of 2014 without any promotion or PR, and very quickly became a “must-listen” amongst Wall Street cognoscenti. Masters in Business is one of the top 2o Business podcasts on Apple iTunes.

Masters in Business has been called “One of the 17 podcasts that make you smarter” — wedged between Planet Money and Mark Maron’s WTF — and has been named one of the Best Finance Podcasts for 2015.

Business.com called MiB “One of my favorite business podcasts . . . his roster of guests is outstanding. Every week, he sits down with one of the titans of the financial industry and has a thoughtful, entertaining, “Marc Maron WTF”-style discussion about how they got to where they are and what influenced them along the way.”



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Masters in BusinessBloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.


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bn-nk818_expert_m_20160406121122Bloomberg’s Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz   Bloomberg columnist Barry Ritholtz is chairman and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm, and is a familiar face in the blogosphere and in the media generally. His podcast, Masters in Business, attracts some very famous names. Recent guests on the podcast include NYU finance professor, Aswath Damodoran, F. William McNabb, CEO of Vanguard Group, and Bill Miller, who ran the Legg Mason Value Trust. Mr. Ritholtz was also kind enough to have me on the show, but my  founder of Vanguard Group. Mr. Ritholtz gives listeners an amazing perspective on his decades in the financial-services business. Incredible insights and a must-listen.  Wall Street Journal


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Barry Ritholtz’s Masters In Business is undeniably the very best long form interview series in all of finance. He’s had everyone by now that you could think of, and his interviewing skills get better and better. Barry asks people about their careers, their relationships and the really big insights and lessons they’ve accumulated over the years – not “What’s the Fed going to do?” or “What’s your favorite tech stock?”

MIB filled a major void in the media when it came along – Barry always asked rhetorically, “Why can’t they just get great guests to ask them questions about evergreen topics – and then just get out of the way?” Now he’s the one doing the asking, on Bloomberg Radio


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You have done so many wonderful spots in this series. I truly look forward to listening every week. Thank you again, Barry.     -L. NYC


I realize I am quite late to the party as it relates to your Masters in Business series, but I am absolutely overwhelmed with how terrific these are! I started listening over the weekend and I’m up to the Jack Brennan segment now. Already I’ve been telling everyone about them and personally have loaded all the episodes to date onto two friends’s iPhones. I don’t normally write fan mail, but I had to tell you how impressed I am with the interviews, both you as interviewer and your interviewees as approachable experts. These are great for those of us in the industry as well as for the ordinary investor and I, for one, will be a persistent cheerleader for these from now on.   -MAW, Morgan Stanley, Boston


“Barry has officially become the “Howard Stern of Finance”   -iheartwallstreet.com

Masters in business is fantastic and fills a major gap in the business media landscape. -P, J.P. Morgan


Barry just listened to your conversation with Jack Rivkin. What a powerful amount of knowledge was packed into 90 minutes plus. I listened to other conversations but this one is pack with common sense and information. -B

I really like your podcast – great guests, great questions, great tempo, great tone. The market talk 20 years ago is really the same as it is today. -L, Stony Brook
Barry, your show on Bloomberg is the best. The absolute best. I’ve listened to all podcasts.  -GC, Bedford, NY


I cannot overstate how much I have enjoyed listening to your Masters in Business radio series. I have learnt so much about the workings of the financial industry, whilst gaining an appreciation of many people I can’t wait for future interviews. Kind regards,  -JW Melbourne, Australia.


I love the Saturday program! I download the podcast every week and really appreciate the extra content. This week’s program with Ralph Acompora was fantastic. I have listened to each of your podcasts from the beginning of the series and I consider it to be the most important hour of content that I consume each week. Keep up the great work! -JL, NYC


Fantastic work with “Masters in Business”. I been in the markets for 15+ years and learn something interesting in every segment. Really great stuff – thank you. -T

I’m writing to compliment you on your latest media endeavor, Masters in Business. After listening to your fabulous interview with Jim Chanos, I felt it was important to encourage you and let you know how useful the style you’re employing for Masters in Business is to a non-financial professional like me.

I’ve downloaded and listened to every one of the Masters In Business episodes and have gotten a wide variety of extremely useful, interesting and unusual information from each one. -JK, New Haven, CT


Your Show is the best on business radio. I download it and listen to it during my morning workout, (to the whole thing). -GK


I listen to all your podcast in Master in Business. Excellent interview with Mark Cuban. It was candid and hilarious. Thanks, -C


I am a 58 year old, self-taught, student of finance, economics and markets. I’m writing to compliment you on your latest media endeavor, Masters in Business. After listening to your fabulous interview with Jim Chanos, I felt it was important to encourage you and let you know how useful the style you’re employing for Masters in Business is to a non-financial professional like me.

I’ve downloaded and listened to every one of the Masters In Business episodes and have gotten a wide variety of extremely useful, interesting and unusual information from each one. Although I suppose some listeners might consider them entertainment, for me their real value is in providing a rare opportunity to mentally interact with proven financial titans … on my Main Street level. Your interviews fill a tremendous need for practical “street-smarts” financial literacy. This is especially true for amateurs like me who don’t live in New York City, work on Wall Street or have ready access to the inner workings of the financial industry.

What you do so well in your interviews Barry, which no one else I’m aware of is doing, is get beyond the “What are you buying now?” tripe while at the same time protecting us from obtuse discussions concerning leveraged theta dispersions as they apply to credit swap options in the reverse repo market. You have a superb sense of knowing when a guest accidentally veers off into the deep end. I notice and appreciate your deliberately stopping, clarifying details and putting concepts into commonly recognizable terms I can more easily understand. I soak up the living history lessons you coax forth excitedly from your interviewees. I believe you and your guests are enjoying the discussion every bit as much as I am. This is a rare, rare treat in today’s frenzied media world.

Yet, there’s more! The way you delve into a “Financial Legend”’s personal work history and as much of their daily routine as they’re willing to reveal, talking with them on a human level as though over a cup of coffee – this is pure magic – and what completely distinguishes your interviews in a crowded field Barry. (I’ve wondered if the relaxed interview style of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” was somewhat of an inspiration for you.) Listening to Masters of Business is comparable to sitting down with a classic investing book such as “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” versus scanning a click-inducing headline article on Marketwatch or Business Insider.

I’ve listened to several episodes multiple times in order to more deeply assimilate concepts your guests discuss. I feel like I’m collecting a library of audio investing classics that I’ll happily revisit throughout the years.

Finally, and I can’t wait to test this theory out, if you’re as good at interviewing as I think you are, soon on a long drive in the country when my musician wife is least expecting it, I’ll put on an interview and, in spite of herself, she’ll remark “Wow – that’s really, really interesting!” Thank you for a job extremely well done Barry.

Please carry on. We’ll definitely be listening.

JK   Philadelphia, PA


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