10 Weekend Reads

Some longer form reads to start your weekend:

A Critique of Grantham and Gordon: The Prospects for Long-term Growth (Advisor Perspectives)
•  It’s time for CEOs to stop obsessing over shareholder value (The Economist)
• Why Can’t India Feed Its People? (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Worse than AOL/Time Warner: From H.P., a Blunder That Seems to Beat All (NYT)
• 5 Statistics Problems That Will Change The Way You See The World (The Atlantic)
• As Boom Lures App Creators, Tough Part Is Making a Living (NYT)
• The Truce On Drugs (NY Magazine)
• A Three Act Journey in the Land of the Screenwriting Gurus (Los Angeles Review of Books)
• Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (1964) (Filmsite)
• How to Use iTunes 11’s Awesome New Features (and Bring Back the Old iTunes Look) (Life Hacker) see also Apple Rolls Out a Cleaner iTunes (Pogue)

What are you reading?


Beware dangerous cliff

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